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After completing our fresh meat programme in 2014, Brute has gone from fresh meat graduate to LRR All-Star blocker and Team Scotland skater, selected for the final 20 to compete in the 2018 World Cup. In recent years she has had experience of coaching our fresh meat programme and our All Stars travel team. Brute became a strong, advanced skater in a short amount of time by attending all of the boot camps hosted by a wide range of leagues and giving it her all in training sessions with LRR and now Team Scotland. As a teacher in the real world, Brute brings lots of structure to each session she coaches and ensures maximum time is spent on skates “doing the derby”. She enjoys finding ways of engaging and inspiring people to find their own strengths.

Specialities: wall building; effective bracing; recycling; communication; on track awareness

“I love watching people try new skills, and get the light bulb moment when it clicks. My favourite is when teams give open, honest feedback so we can build and tweak as we go, to fit their specific skill set and team goals.”


Dan Gleibitz has been involved in roller derby in one way or another since 2009 and began bench coaching in 2013 with the Milton Keynes Roller Derby Quads of War. Dangles has a relationship focused approach to Bench Coaching, ensuring that communication and focus are prioritised. That coupled with extensive experience as an announcer means he brings the double threat of derby experience and personal coaching to the LRR bench.

Specialities: bench coaching; strategies; tactics


DisorderLee is one of our very own London Rockin’ Rollers fresh meat graduates, completing the programme in 2011. Since then she has become a solid blocker, captain of the All Star travel team and a coach. DisorderLee also skated in the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup held in Dallas, Texas, for Team West Indies.

Specialities: defensive blocking; wall building; recycling


Jaypex has been playing roller derby since 2011, founded Beijing Roller Derby and is now a star jammer with our All Stars travel team. Having been head coach of the Beijing team for two years and now part of the London Rockin’ Rollers coaching committee, they bring the experience of having coached skaters from all over the world.

Specialities: jamming skills; competing penalty free; creating, achieving and maintaining training goals


Queen Mob is a core jammer for the London Rockin’ Rollers Allstars. Mob has been skating since 2011, and first skated with the LRR Allstars in 2012. She did Fresh Meat with Cambridge Rollerbillies, skated with the Burning River Roller Derby Allstars in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and guested with Tuscon Roller Derby for three months as part of her quest to do ALL THE DERBY. She also skates with Vagine Regime UK, including in their epic victory against London Rollergirls Brawl Saints in 2015.

Specialities: jamming skills; fancy footwork; absorbing hits; delivering brutal shoulder hits to break up walls


Sissy Breakneck started her derby career with the Liverpool Roller Birds in 2009 where she gained experience of skating, competing, coaching and captaining the team. In 2014 Sissy joined The London Rockin’ Rollers where she has developed her skills further, both as a skater and as a coach. She was previously head coach of our Wreck League for 18 months where she worked hard to improve the skill and knowledge set of our newer skaters.

Specialities: pre-mins/fresh meat; rookie; intermediate; blocking skills; offence; strategy; bench management


Photo Credit (Dan Gleibitz): Daz Wilson