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WILEY MINOGUE (they/them)

Available for hire

Having never roller skated before, Wiley started LRRs rookie program in Feb 2016. They were rostered as a A/B crossover jammer in 2017 and are now a main rotation jammer for the All stars. Wiley watches more derby footage then they probably should and is a big fan of all things tactical. They are currently co-captain of the Allstars as well as co-coach of wreck team.

Specialties: endurance, fancy footwork, wall breaking and jammer/offence pairing.


Available for hire

DisorderLee is one of our very own London Rockin’ Rollers rookie programme graduates, completing the programme in 2011. Since then she has become a solid blocker, captain of the All Star travel team and a coach. DisorderLee also skated in the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup held in Dallas, Texas, for Team West Indies and again in the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup held in Manchester, UK.

Specialities: defensive blocking; offense; wall building; recycling.

VELOCITY (she/they)

Available for hire

Velocity transferred to LRR from London Rollergirls recreational league at the start of 2018, and soon found her way into competitive play, initially as an A/B crossover, and now as a full time All Star. She is a strong defensive blocker, a fan of flat two walls, and known for foiling jammers on the outside line.

Specialties: edge work; stopping at speed; defensive blocking; agility.

IRATE (they/them)

Available for hire

Irate is another graduate from our rookie programme, currently skating with our Allstars and is co-Head Coach of Wreck Team. They love doing all of the roles on track but can normally be found bracing and pivoting.

Specialities: skills and strategy for newbies; hockey stops; edgework for blockers; jammer toe-stop skills; backwards skating, blocking and bracing; offensive moves for individuals and with team-mates; start line strategies.


Available for hire

Major Vengeance had never learned how to skate before she fell in love with roller derby and strapped on some kit in Edinburgh. Having put in the hard yards she was absolutely thrilled to get rostered to an Auld Reekie Roller Derby travel team, specialising in offence. Having moved to London, she is a proud member of the Badasses and is currently working on jamming and pivoting. Happiest roller derby memory to date is winning MVP jammer in our final game in the Nice tournament in 2019… and the after party!

Specialities: hits; wall-breaking; endurance.

SWEENEY (she/her)

Sweeney transferred to LRR in 2016 after 4 years with the Vendetta Vixens. Having previous skated as an LRR Badass, crossover and Allstar Blocker and occasional pivot.  With excellent on track communication, Sweeney owns the bracing blocking position.  She is now co-captain of our Allstars.

Specialities: Bracing and bossing folk around on track. Likes to sing meatloaf.

SKIDMORE (she/her)

Skid started skating in 2011 with Royal Windsor Roller Derby before transferring to LRR in 2015, mostly she enjoys having wheels on her feet and is happy to be here! Originally a jammer, Skid has now developed into a strong defensive blocker and occasional pivot. Known for excellent communication and awareness on track, Skid is currently co-Captain of the Badasses and one of our Wreck League coaches.

Specialities: Stealth, defensive blocking, bracing, communication, teamwork and working with new skaters.

AGENT COOPER (she/her)

Cooper transferred to LRR in 2017 after four years jamming for Croydon Roller Derby’s Riot Squad, joining the A-team roster first as a blocker before becoming a main rotation Allstars jammer. Cooper is co-Captain for the Allstars and is currently having off-skates fun on the bench team while she recovers from injury.

Specialties: footwork, jammer tips and tricks, endurance, tactics for tiny skaters